The best streaming platform for movies: Apple iTunes

Here I once focused strongly on the number: iTunes is preparing 112,000 films on its own and is outbidding the competition so far, as far as numbers are known.

With the next smaller stock of 65,000 films, Videobuster is clearly lagging behind. maxdome advertises with 50,000 films and series episodes.

But even otherwise, iTunes is a strong platform. It is impressive how keyword search promotes very different content on the subject – alongside films, music, audio books and radio plays, e-books and podcasts appear.

The software is also the user interface of the store, media management and player. Downloading movies is also possible on Mac and PC.

The biggest weakness of iTunes from the point of view of most computer users is the lack of compatibility. iTunes for Windows is a bit cumbersome and does not reveal much of the comfort and elegance that Apple is known for. There is no iTunes at all for Android.

Android users are recommended as an alternative to Google Play Movies & TV. Because the application is pre-installed anyway, it is usually the simplest and shortest way to film on the mobile device.

More good streaming offers for films

Although Apple users can confidently rely on iTunes for buying and renting videos, you will find good and similar (albeit smaller) ranges on Amazon, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube Premium, Videoload, maxdome and video Buster.

The latter deserves special mention, although it is only partly about streaming. Videobuster is still busy renting DVDs and Blu-Ray by mail.