Streaming services are being tested: the best online video rental 2019

The increase in fast internet connections has triggered a media revolution that is still in full swing. Not only text and images, but also audio and video content are available at any time, quickly, easily and inexpensively.

As a result, the classic video library for rental has already gone the way of dinosaurs. At the same time, their successors became increasingly popular on the internet. These offer numerous films and series for immediate recall. This happens as part of a monthly subscription or as a purchase or loan of individual titles.

In most cases the user can pay comfortably with PayPal, credit card, direct debit or also via the portable radio bill. The double route to the video library for borrowing and spending has been eliminated, as well as the red position.

In addition to the standard program of popular films and series, leading streaming services offer exclusive self-produced titles – a trend that was stimulated in 2012 by streaming pioneer Netflix. Already in 2014, Amazon Prime Video followed the example and started producing a large selection of “Originals”.

Since 2018, even YouTube users have been trying to make them pay for their paid premium subscription with exclusive access to some of their own productions. The largest US streaming service Hulu has also successfully produced a series: ‘jerks’. With Christian Ulmen.

Do you want to watch films or TV programs on the internet and do you want a better overview of the available offers? Then you are here.

We tested the ten largest, most important and most interesting streaming services. Here we present the results. Further details can be found in the individual test reports, which are linked to the respective places.

Have fun with it!